Why The New Year Is The Best Time To Buy A Car

January 15, 2019

Why The New Year Is The Best Time To Buy A Car

There’s more reasons than just the ‘New Year, New Car’ post

How good’s the coming into the New Year? Buzzing off a new-found energy of resolutions and plans for self-improvement, that you’re definitely going to commit to this year (forget about last year, things came up). Whether you’ve got a new exercise routine, diet or picked up a new hobby, the New Year is a great time to get things in order to make sure this year is your year. And what better way to start your year off right than getting yourself into a new car?

Not only will you enjoy the ‘New Year, New Car’ feeling but also relish a variety of benefits that come with buying a car in the new year. Here at Midway Ford, we’re here to make sure our customers are always getting the best deal, which is why we’ve put together the main reasons why the new year is the best time to buy a car!

Plate Clearance Sales


If you’re in the market for a New Car than the plate clearance is perfect for you! Whether you missed the End of Year Sales or you weren’t quite ready to buy a car, don’t stress, it may very well work in your favour. With the new year comes New Car Plate Clearance Sales and significant savings on brand-new vehicles.

Since every car in Australia carries a manufacturer year plate, a car that was built in the prior year becomes a dealership’s priority to sell, as the new year’s model will soon be coming out. With the new year’s models coming in, dealerships need to make room for new stock and this is a fantastic opportunity for bargain hunters. To ensure the dealership has room to fit the latest models, Plate Clearance Sales offers you the opportunity to save thousands on a brand-new car!

Fresh Batch Of Used Cars

If a Used Car is more what you’re looking for than you’re also in luck. With new car and plate clearance sales comes plenty of quality new Trade-In vehicles for sale from people upgrading to a new car. Again, with all that additional used car stock, you’re likely to get a grab a great deal.

Plus, the new year is great opportunity to pick-up a late-model used car at a fantastic price with a higher number of people upgrading to the new year’s models. So, if you’re looking to get yourself into a quality used car without breaking the bank, then the new year can be the perfect time!

Great Time To Get Your Finances In Order


The New Year isn’t just about setting health and fitness goals, it’s also a fantastic time to get your finances in order. Starting off by thinking about your cost-of-living expenses and trying to find ways to reduce your expenditure is an excellent place to start, and a lot of people overlook how they can do this with their Car Finance. Whether you’re paying too much on your current car loan or looking to upgrade your car on finance, the start of the year is an excellent time start.

If you’re trying to reduce your car finance repayments, a lot of people aren’t aware that trading-in and downsizing your vehicle is great way to reduce your expenses. Depending on your circumstances, we can help you consolidate your debt into a new loan with lower repayments that are more appropriate for your budget. On the flipside, if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle but have an existing loan, we can also roll this into a more cost-effective solution than a completely new loan.

So, if you’re looking for a new or upgraded car then now’s the perfect time to grab a bargain. What are you waiting for? Browse our range of new and used cars online today and make 2019 a year to remember. For the best range and car buying advice in Midland Contact the team at Midway Ford today!