Ford Ranger FX4 Max coming December !

September 30, 2020

The already strong Ford Ranger Line up has received another addition to its line up.  Introducing the “Ford Ranger FX4 Max”, think little brother to the Ranger Raptor, but older brother to the FX4 would probably be the best way to sum it up.  The FX4 Max is essentially an Fx4 with some borrowed bits from the Ranger Raptor sitting it somewhere between the both of them. The vehicle is more than just styling upgrades there are some actual equipment upgrades that give this contender more off road ability.

Some of the added standard equipment includes but is not limited to :

  1. Advanced FOX™ Shocks
  2. BFGoodrich® All-Terrain Tyres with 17” Bolder Grey Alloy Wheels
  3. Off-Road Side Steps
  4. F-O-R-D Grille and Extended Sports Bar
  5. Upfitter Auxiliary Switch Pack
  6. FX4 Max Embroidered Seats

Ford Ranger Fx4 Max

This is also the first Ford Product other than the Ranger Raptor to be adorned with the coveted F-O-R-D lettered grille other than the Ranger Raptor.  The Grille that has been made Popular originally fitted only to the Flagship Ford F-150 Raptor.  There is something bold, brash and unapologetic about this Grille that has made it a Favourite world wide.  With Many replicas and imitation aftermarket versions made for not only the Ranger but some of the other Ford products.  Whilst these may seem like a good idea to “Pimp your ride” we would strongly advise against Purchasing or fitting any such aftermarket Ford Lettering Grille to your vehicle.  The quality is usually very poor, This can also reduce airflow to the vehicle causing it to overheat and much worse.  Your also purchasing a counter fitted item that is breaching Ford Copyright, so please don’t support this industry it is illegal and could impact on your vehicles performance or worse.  That’s the end of the lecture 🙂

To find out in more detail what is available on Fx4 Max and get in contact with someone in sales at Midway Ford